Norman Reno Herman Kok Robert Ives Phyllis Kozlowski Dan Braglia
President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Trustee
Norman Reno Herman Kok Robert Ives Jane Goodkind Don Bansemer
Herman Kok-Don Bansemer-Robert Ives-Norman Reno-Jane Goodkind
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On June 8, 2001, the Hummingbird Hill Townhome Association (H.H.T.A.) was organized. Ed McNamara E & J Construction Company, called a meeting of the townhome owners. The primary purpose of the meeting was to nominate and elect the first officers of HHTA. The meeting was held at the Robert Davidson Center in Orland Park. The following were elected as the first board President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Trustee                       After the first few homeowners meeting, several board members resigned for various reasons. The board for late 2002 is as follows.